How to Design a Website in Joomla

From the past three days we were running a series of making people aware about the technicalities of a website. In the same series we concentrated on Joomla. After answering the basics of Joomla in 5 w and 1 H, I finally reached to the last one in the series. In this article experience web developers London will discuss about the fact and skills required in designing a website in Joomla.

However, before starting the article I like to answer the serious query. Our client often asks us that whether we should use Joomla 1.5 or 1.6. Simple answers to all of them stick to Joomla 1.5 until and unless 1.8 series of Joomla is not released.

Here goes the reason Joomla 1.6 will be supported to mid July 2011, whereas Joomla 1.5 is their active for April 2012. This article will clear your concept and the fact of timeline.

It is easy just go through it.

Information Architecture

The first thing an experienced designer and developer do to design a website in Joomla is to create information architecture. This helps the user and your website visitor to navigate around your website. Keep the fact and information architecture clear and organized. It should reflect and oneself imitate the way visitor should seek the information from the website. As far as tutorial or any suggestion you can Google it or can write us back. We will be soon with a detailed article on tutorial once response is high.

Choosing a Template

The second step is followed by choosing a template for your Joomla website. It becomes easier when you are clear with the information section of your website.
The couple of things that you need to consider while finalizing your website include…

    * Marketing and branding image of the company
    * Marketing and branding image of the company

Creating Framework

This step involves multiple processes from creating and installing Joomla to setting up sections, categories and articles. The articles will ultimately become the web or inner pages of your website. Just after creating articles in Joomla finally one can build menus and navigation on the website.

Adding Content
When you have done with the three steps you have actually created a framework. Now when the frame work is ready you can move back and put in precise and detailed content to each of the article present on your website.

Install Extensions

When you are designing a website there is much functionality that you might be hoping for in the design. Some of them come with the pre installed Joomla whereas some need to installed. If this is the case you need a third party to lengthen the functionality of the website. There is various extensions that you can choose from so if you are thinking about choice there is not any issue.

Secure your Joomla Website

This is one of the most important step, as you have done well with Joomla don't forget to do the ultimate step. You need to review the final step of security thoroughly, so that hackers don't get a bad and hack your website. For your more detail concern, web designers London will come up with Tips for securing website build in Joomla. Wait for the new article.

Finally launch the website

You are complete with your website; the time has come to launch it. Go live believe you will feel great when your site is in air.