Web 2.0 Business Web Design Keeps The User In Mind

Web designers have historically been given free reign to create web sites, bold and complex using the latest technology and an artistic touch, but now that years of experimentation are over, the trend is towards simplicity in the design of web pages commercial. This article discusses the implications of Web 2.0 and how it applies to business sites competing for the attention of potential customers.

The term Web 2.0 is used to describe the evolution of the three aspects of modern web site creation: technology, visual design and use of content. The trend is toward user interaction and simplicity in the overall appearance. Few of us remember again before 2000, when the site was contaminated with bold patterns and navigation involved trying to close stubborn pop-ups from advertisers and porn sites corny. The websites were used by companies as nothing more than business cards, the company initially resisted the placement of a site but gradually (and reluctantly) turned around and started to put their logos and phone numbers online in the beginning there was no multi-page sites available, only a single page. The Internet, which was originally designed for academic collaboration around the world had entered the business world.

Next was the techno-hype era where designers and clients looked for new ways to highlight how the crowd and attract attention using the latest web tricks. There was a greater focus on the glitz and glamor of the applets, flash and video as opposed to content. Just as water finds its own level, it became evident that graphic designers and their spectacular creations are not translated into profits. Business web site has the potential to attract new customers and offering enough information to inspire contact the company, having visual distractions or misplaced information could cause the visitor leaves the site early before the message was received. web pages with heavy moving images had the problem of being very slow to load, causing many visitors to fret and leave the site once waited too long for the server to deliver.

Today, we are in a stage of evolution of the Web, where a good web experience is the result of mutual cooperation between the presentation (visual design), interaction (user response), and organization (structure site). This stage is known as the era of usability. Sites that were once considered "cool" sites are not as cold as I thought they were. Attention is now being put into use as determined by user studies.

eye-tracking studies show that people react better to the content standing on the bottom and is aligned in the center. Funds in off-white and gray with the words in black are effective for both the human eye and the search spider. There are still some owners of sites that use a black background and white letters that really can sting the eyes of someone trying to read.

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Leading a Website Redesign Team: 5 Things Non-Technical Managers Should Know

Are you a marketing person or general manager who has been put in charge of your company's website redesign? If so, you're in good company. A majority of the website redesigns being done today are not led by web professionals. They're done by people who are experts in their product or service. With this in mind, there are several things you should know before you undertake your next redesign.

1. Understand each team person's role

This may sound obvious. After years of working with clients on their website redesigns I know it's not. What often happens is that managers are embarrassed to ask what role a programmer or designer actually plays. They believe that if they were more technically astute, they would know. Not so. Talk to each person on your team and understand what they do.

2. Ask WHY something can't be done

This is another one that sounds intuitive. But often, managers assume that because a team member says it can't be done, that they are using the same data to make a decision. When your team member says it will take too long, or be difficult, make sure you know what that really means for the project. Asking someone how they could make it happen is often enlightening.

3. Keep the timeline updated

During the project, update every part of your timeline on a weekly basis. Toward the end it must be daily. Make sure you regularly hear from the designers, the IT people and anyone connected with the project to make sure no one is hiding their concerns. This isn't only a best practice; it will save you possible humiliation when your boss can't show off his new website when he planned to.

4. Use visuals and software tools

It is helpful to use tools that assist you in working with people who are used to using diagrams and visuals. I use mind mapping software which lets you see the big picture and the details at the same time. Checkout my website for examples of how mind maps can be used for redesigns.

5. Listen to everyone's ideas

It can be easy to dismiss someone who doesn't view your business exactly as you do. That's why marketers talk to marketers and sales people to sales people. If you run your project this way, you will be missing out on possible innovations. Everyone in your company has something important to say about it if you take the time to listen.

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Website Redesign- An Absolute Must!

If you want to have an online business that can stand the test of time and yet keep those profits rolling in, then redesigning is an absolute must. Hence, we can comfortably conclude that, web site redesign is just as significant as the initial process of designing and conceptualizing a web site. The internet has undergone a drastic revolution. The competition is so stiff that, the internet has even started changing on a daily basis. If you get 'stuck in a rut' and refrain from changing your web site design, then the very concept and look of your website with look outdated and weary, over the passage of time. So instead of designing a new website, you can always opt for a 'web site make over'. This will definitely prove to be much more affordable and cost effective.

So how does one really tell, when a website has reached its maturity and is in desperate need for a wardrobe change. Well, as a web owner, you can always browse through your website and other relevant sites, and look at them from a viewers point of view. This simple process will answer you question. This simple task will help you identify the disadvantages as well has improvements, that need to be taken care off. There may be time, when your website may be relatively new, but it may still be in need to a web redesign, in order to stand apart from the competition. Thus, we can say that web site redesign is an important determinant, with regards to achieving success.

Your Website Redesign should never fail to tackle the following points:

   1. Firstly, it should strive to make your site more eye catching.
   2. Next, it must achieve a compelling layout design.
   3. Interesting, relevant and up-to-date,graphics, images, fonts and colors must be integrated.
   4. Every factor that you wanted to include in the original web design, but be taken into consideration and then included.
   5. Make sure that the, homepage has all the necessary information that will entice and allure the visitor to browse the other pages of your site.
   6. Finally,take a look at your original website design to spot out the flaws and difficulties a surfer had to go through in order to access the other pages of your website. Yes! Web Site Re Design is a process of learning from past mistakes and looking forward to the future with success in mind.

Website Redesign To Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Company

Most companies thrive on a high profile website that attracts a lot of customers for online purchases of their products. However, if you feel that your site is not delivering the sales targets, Website Redesign might be an option you should try out.  Sometimes, the existing sites might lack in certain aspects that customers might not find appealing or switch over to better alternatives. Professional services dealing with website redesign can point out those flaws and rectify them for a fresh new layout. Depending on your choice of website redesign services, you should provide certain specifications for your site that needs to be implemented in the final design.

The first and foremost concern customers have with sites is the layout. Sites without website redesign often tend to be too cluttered or too minimalistic for one to spend time browsing it. Proper website redesign services can help you change the complete theme of the site, giving it a fresh brush of colors, style and navigation. Sometimes, you should look at other resources in the same field to see what their positive features are and try to create something similar for your own site. This is where website redesign services can be of great use as you get to choose from different variations of layouts.

Content management of a site should be a key feature of website redesign services so the customers can have proper material for browsing and a reason to recommend the site to others. Any Website Redesign Company will try to provide accurate content that is attractive and easy to understand for customers. It is also the job of a website redesign company to make sure that the content is updated on a regular basis. This will allow the user to keep checking back for latest news and developments.

Once you have changed the look of the layout and added fresh new content, you could install more features like flash files, videos and animations through the website redesign company to increase the appeal of your site. However, you should take care that you do not overdo it so that it can strain the system resources of the customer's computer. A Web Site Re Design Company will help you find the right balance between style and performance to increase the popularity of your site. Navigation should also be worked on so that the website redesigned can be easier to access for customers of the company.