Leading a Website Redesign Team: 5 Things Non-Technical Managers Should Know

Are you a marketing person or general manager who has been put in charge of your company's website redesign? If so, you're in good company. A majority of the website redesigns being done today are not led by web professionals. They're done by people who are experts in their product or service. With this in mind, there are several things you should know before you undertake your next redesign.

1. Understand each team person's role

This may sound obvious. After years of working with clients on their website redesigns I know it's not. What often happens is that managers are embarrassed to ask what role a programmer or designer actually plays. They believe that if they were more technically astute, they would know. Not so. Talk to each person on your team and understand what they do.

2. Ask WHY something can't be done

This is another one that sounds intuitive. But often, managers assume that because a team member says it can't be done, that they are using the same data to make a decision. When your team member says it will take too long, or be difficult, make sure you know what that really means for the project. Asking someone how they could make it happen is often enlightening.

3. Keep the timeline updated

During the project, update every part of your timeline on a weekly basis. Toward the end it must be daily. Make sure you regularly hear from the designers, the IT people and anyone connected with the project to make sure no one is hiding their concerns. This isn't only a best practice; it will save you possible humiliation when your boss can't show off his new website when he planned to.

4. Use visuals and software tools

It is helpful to use tools that assist you in working with people who are used to using diagrams and visuals. I use mind mapping software which lets you see the big picture and the details at the same time. Checkout my website for examples of how mind maps can be used for redesigns.

5. Listen to everyone's ideas

It can be easy to dismiss someone who doesn't view your business exactly as you do. That's why marketers talk to marketers and sales people to sales people. If you run your project this way, you will be missing out on possible innovations. Everyone in your company has something important to say about it if you take the time to listen.

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