Know the Difference between Having a Website and Having an Attractive Website Design

There are hundreds of thousands of websites around the world on varied genres. But have you ever wondered why only a handful business web design seems to grab the imagination of the visitors? The answer is 'custom web design'; these successful websites have separated themselves from the others. Anybody can put some text, images into an HTML template and create a website. But such amateur work will rarely cause a rage among visitors.

At the very first glimpse your website should seem miles ahead of their competitor. If a website doesn't impress the visitor in the first look its success is highly unlikely. You can achieve these looks by designing a website from scratch based on the needs of your business. While launching a website you should insist on a customized look with your web design company as this will add value to your brand.

Differences between a Website and Attractive Web Design

• An attractive business web design will have a good blend of color, content, images and plugins.

All these elements will complement each other to give a balanced look and appear as a single entity. The text and the background color should be in high contrast to ease reading.

• Doing a thorough research on the target audience is very important for an attractive target audience. A website catering to the youth will be very different from one which caters to patients.

• Your website should be rich in content based on the genre of your website. It is important that the content is unique as this serves as the USP of a good website.
Along with this it helps in attracting search engine crawlers which add to your search engine rankings.

• Good website will reflect uniformity in the usage of fonts, color schemes, sizes of images etc. This makes the website visually attractive. Good web design company stress on the development of the CSS (cascading style sheet) file and this lends uniformity to the website.

• If you find it hard to navigate between different sections of a website you know you are browsing through an ordinary website. Good websites make it easy for the users to navigate through different sections by indexing the different sections logically.

• Cluttered continent is a sign of unprofessionalism and a good business web design must make good use of empty spaces. You shouldn't give an overdose of content to the users which ultimately turn them off.

• Stress on the About Us, FAQs, Privacy, Disclaimer and Contact pages as these are very important for a good website. Amateur websites tend to ignore these important pages which make them appear as mere blogs rather than a complete website.

Be choosy with the custom website designing company that you hire for developing your website. Their skills and expertise will decide the success of your website. They should have prior knowledge of custom web design solutions and their portfolio will give you a better idea about the kind of work they have done in the past.