7 Web Redesign Tips

A website redesign process should not only consider a fresh look. A web redesign should be viewed as an opportunity to improve user experiencing by enhancing or adding tools that may increase conversions and improve sales. Here are 7 important website redesign tips for Cairns websites.

Establish a goal.
The main goal of your redesign project is to impact your business and not just because your boss wants it from red to blue or you are bored with its design. Focus on the outcomes that you want—and that is to attract and convert traffic coming to your site. With this in mind, you can spend less time worrying about the color background and think about strategies that will enhance your marketing results.

Avoid the deadly pitfalls.
There are numerous ways on how a redesign project can hurt your revenue.

A web redesign could have a negative effect on your marketing results. Your existing Cairns web design contains a lot of built-up assets. These assets help consumers find your site online and help you turn them into leads. Find out what your assets are and protect them. These can be inbound links, high quality content, keywords, and conversion tools.

Invest on high quality content that will attract and convert.
Don’t put too much money on unique and flashy web designs. Try to focus more on the functionality of your website. Your design should be good but this doesn’t have to be so unique and expensive.

Work on creating a content building strategy.
If you have more content on your site, you will have more web visitors and grow your firm faster. A 100-page website definitely beats a 10-page site most of the time. A website even gets better when fresh content is written regularly. Try to develop a strategy that will add more content on your business site over time. Blogging is an efficient strategy that will make creating content fast and easy but make sure you do it right.

Conduct conversion experiments.
The ultimate key to improving your conversion rate and the total number of leads you get from your site is to regularly improve the efficiency of conversion tools—which is the landing pages. If you develop a static site and have to go to an IT person when you want to change a page or add additional pages, then you are limiting your ability to improve and be creative. Ask your web design Cairns firm to develop a system that lets you build pages and edit existing web content without coding skills.

Make sure you include a web blog, RSS, SEO and landing pages.
Build a site that includes all the aspects listed above. They aren’t expensive but they work. A blog is an efficient way to create content on a regular basis. This will also help you converse and engage with current and potential customers. RSS lets your content be automatically promoted to people and other websites, enhancing your content’s reach. Landing pages are critical content that will help you get the most out of your traffic.

Measure results.
Always back your strategies with the right metrics to measure results. There are plenty of tools that you can use today that will help you measure results.

A business site is an efficient business tool that delivers promising results. Leave the works of art to artists and museums. Make sure you hire a professional web design company to help you on your redesign project.