Design Follows the Right Direction in a Website

In todays SEO driven web world, it is very easy to understand how websites have been changing. Earlier the websites used to be the combination of content and design, but now more often we look for the content first, Design is considered as a secondary issue. Sometimes, I believe that the web developers avoid the designing part, content is the king in their mind and which is actually true for the search engines. If you think that this is the end of design for the websites then you are absolutely wrong my dear.  Do not be fooled. Good web design, relevant content and effective designing strategy are here to stay.

Thinking that SEO, link building, RSS content and internet marketing are the tools to bring heavy traffic to your website, then you should not forget the fact that a good design is what keeps the visitors stick and attracted towards the website and helps increasing the return on investment (ROI).

People look for the content but after reading two or three lines their interest goes off, they do not want to read any of it as it was ugly. Here lies the real importance of a good website design, which commands the attention of the visitors, delivers the message you want to convey to the visitors and call to action.

To gather the attention of the visitors, you can adapt some clever search engine marketing tactics but in order to keep them on your website you have to command their attention. You can include the keyword in the alt tag for the images on your website; this would help you to get highly ranked on the search engines. The colors you use for the website designing should appeal to the viewers who are interested in purchasing your product or services.
It should give a touch of class and quality.

The visitors stay at your site for more than 10 seconds means that he has got something which he was looking for, otherwise he would be off and onto the next site in no time. The goal is to direct them to the content you are offering, deliver your message quickly and succinctly. Many times, I have seen the "buy it now" on a website, as a buyer which is difficult to imagine that going to the website and clicking at the buy button without having full knowledge about the product. So I suggest you to give the relevant knowledge about the product before the buying option so that the visitors get to know the exciting programs available to them. SEO is very important after completing a web design, but keep in mind that design is the best communication.