Design Tips Website: The Super Site ";" They know what it takes

Imagine entering a house. Open the door, and what you will see a sight that would prefer to forget. The lounge is a sad place to be, the place of curtains, cushions on the floor, filled with newspapers and magazines all over the floor and yes, do not forget your beer cans! Would you like to visit the same place again? I hope not. Now, through the idea that a site visit for the first time.

Describe what you look like a poorly designed website, all you have to do is open a random page on the web, five and ten times is sure to find a Fugly page, which definitely gives the jitters. The provision of missing, so the structure. Only regret is the user interface and announced multi-button names.

If at the end I thought, damn what keyword made up by the infamous land in the area and also had to land on this website is the key in the first place! Want to write like the skunk, who designed this site, probably coke and a bag of donut in each hand, some of which spilled from the side.

So if in your position, what would you do that this site is much more beautiful sight, which lines the air while the first thing on the horizon. Make sure inoriginal, relevant and attractive spectacle use. This will open the eyes immediately, and then we came together. You can get these images in any online photo gallery / directory. Take for example the medical tourism website, all you need is a photo with a message from the sandy beach.This certainly meets this purpose.

So what's the website all about? Tell that to the visitors with a punchline or a catchy phrase that knocks the socks off! This phrase or slogan will give visitors a quick idea of ​​who you are and what you do. For example, the slogan is the Best Web Redesign Company Chicago is understood that the visitor. If you do this, make Generally, simply select a slogan that tells the visitor a few words, which is certainly not end up confusing the words too many keywords, which defines the web services / products.

Color senses of truth and catch the eye. The color scheme of your website should be simple, vibrant, delicate yet strong. It should be shaded just the right place, so a different view of the ficus areas you want more eye balls

Also, shield connected together in various parts of the site. For example, a page of the portfolio, use the background to connect the photos and description.

Another aspect that will prevent clogging of your website will be the mechanism within. Background on each page of the site and the header and footer areas are very important elements of an attractive Web Redesign. Similarly, the line break after each paragraph to help break the page, less frightening pieces.

The major headings and subheadings should not be mentioned because it helps the visitor immediately caught the attention of more content and understand the part of the page.