Five Most Important Features You Need to Have in Your Website Design

Setting up a website is now easier than ever before, but to make it a successful website there are some key important features that you need to focus on. When you are developing your website, if you can take time to concentrate on these components you will definitely end up with a successful website and your hard work is guaranteed to pay off. Here is a brief guide on how to effectively incorporate these features into your web design and why they are so important.

Define Your Target Audience – First of all, you must clearly define the visitor segments you expect to target with your website, this task is vital because the design, layout, and content of your site should be attractive to the audience you are trying to target. Pay attention to important facts like age and socio economic class of the visitors you want to target. You will want to make sure you select the correct design, colors and content that best suited for your visitors

Relevant Content – Through your website you are trying to project your business into your target audience, which is generally not assumed as personal, but that belief couldn't be more wrong.

The way you present your content should be short, exciting and pleasant as if you were talking face to face. And remember to focus on communicating a clear and consistent message throughout your website to make your website successful.

Call to Action - A 'Call to Action' or CTA is actually a term used to indicate "what you expect your website visitors to do in the website". A 'Call to Action' is employed to generate responses from your users. It may be to click on a certain link, fill out a form and register or purchase your products.
"Call to action" should be stated clearly in your website, and highlighted in distinct colors. And make sure you select the right words and placement. Proper use of ‘Call to Action' will help you to persuade your visitors and get more leads or sales from your website.

Compatibility – To deliver a smooth performance and a pleasing experience to all of your visitors your website must be compatible with all popular browsers and commonly used browser versions. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the three main internet browsers that are in use today, so ensure your website is functioning well in these browsers. Since everyone may not use the latest version of these browsers, it is advisable you test the current browser version and the most recent previous versions as well.

Web Analytics - Analyze your website performance is very important. You need to monitor the visitors and understand their behavior once they are inside your site. This certainly helps you understand the flaws in your website design and make necessary improvements accordingly and ultimately to improve the conversion rates and profits of your website. Implement a tracking system like Google Analytics when you develop your website and take time to analyze site performance. Your visitor numbers, keywords, traffic sources, bounce rates, conversion rates and sales funnel are important aspects you should be monitoring regularly.