Website Design And Development - Top Five Basic Tips For A Great Site

One of the greatest blunder by business owners in preparing for a website is to expect it will work by itself if it is out there. Websites need careful thought and continuous attention like any ongoing marketing endeavor. A website promotes a business' online presence and promotes its brand name. It is crucial to improve the website continually and set right potential pain points that stop prospects from sticking around.

The following suggestions can make your site more engaging to prospects:

Use legible font size and type

A web page that needs customers to zoom in to read text easily is disastrous. The font size is a vital aspect of good website design. Well spaced words in the comfortable font size make the content easily readable, thus encouraging customers to read through the page till the end. Using dark colored text on a light background is good web design principle that is endorsed and followed by the majority of designers.

Make navigation straightforward

No customer will waste time on a site that is cumbersome to navigate.
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Tabs, links, buttons and graphics should be displayed clearly and easy to reach. The selection of design elements incorporated in the website should match the knowledge and ability of the target audience to use them. A newfangled web design element will not be appreciated if it confuses customers. Also test the website on popular internet browsers to ensure that all design elements appear as expected.

Prominently display contact details

A website that highlights contact details gains the customer's trust. By including address, telephone, fax and email, a business underscores its credibility and declares to the customer "We are a authentic company."

Promote the website

Customers will not start visiting the website simply on the virtue of its existence.
Businesses should promote the website using various marketing vehicles such as:

* email advertisements
* direct mail
* newsletters
* newspaper and magazine advertisements (on paper and internet)
* social media networks
* search engine marketing (SEM)
* search engine optimization
* PPC advertisements
* registration in directory services
* billboards
* links from other websites

Maintaining consistency in web design

The importance of consistent colors, theme, font style, content writing style, and use of images all over the site is often underestimated. Sudden changes unsettle the customers' attention whereas uniformity keeps them interested. You don't want to sidetrack a user when she is getting ready to make the purchase. Avoid using too many colors as it clutters the site. Good quality web design has just about four colors throughout the site.

Developing a search engine friendly site

Search engines use software tools called spiders that crawl tens of millions of website pages and index them for search results. A website that is slow, has broken links, is not easy to navigate or has not been kept current loses points with search engines. Use animation and graphics cautiously and only where needed to support text. Slow websites are not crawled as deeply or as frequently by spiders. Take steps to ensure this does not happen to your site.

Developing and launching a website involves detailed effort. There is no doubt that your hard work will show high returns as customers will certainly visit again and recommend a website that is sophisticated, is easy to use, and perfectly suited to their needs.